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What in the other-world is

Paranormal Roller Derby?

The P.R.D. Community

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much."

-- Helen Keller

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ParanOrmal ROller Derby

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Paranormal Roller Derby (PRD) began as a way for extra-humans to clandestinely form protective communities

and exchange resources under the guise of sport, during the second World War. Human roller derby was also

becoming popularized at the time, particularly among human women, so it was a convenient cover sport.

PRD initially consisted of thirteen leagues, located all over the world, defined by their shared,

singular compulsion to make the best of chaotic times, by rolling through them, together.

In 1969, 27 paranormal roller derby leagues were represented at the historic first meeting of PRDU

(Paranormal Roller Derby United), with the goal of developing more official guiding principles and aspirations

of the organization. Because PRD had since grown to include many different types of extra-human skaters, there was some confusion about how to address the needs and priorities of all leagues equally and effectively.

The PRDU lasted approximately six months, before tensions evolved, and PRDU went back to being simply PRD.

By popular extra-human skater demand, PRD was reformed in 1986. The rules were rewritten and formalized,

and PRD welcomed human skaters into leagues, for the first time.

By the rules of PRD, only one human per team is—or ever will be—allowed.

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PRD is a super-fast-paced contact team sport that requires speed, strategy, and athleticism. The paranormal version of roller derby evolved from human roller derby in the mid-1980s, and has grown to include hundreds of leagues across the world. PRD is exclusively played at night, often underground (literally or figuratively) to avoid exposing PRD players’ extra-human abilities to human spectators.

It can be played on any surface that is suitable for skating, such as abandoned subway tunnels, warehouses, factories, parking structures, shopping malls, airplane hangars, etc.

In order to qualify for EOW (Evil On Wheels) Sanctioning and be officially recognized as a PRD league, all PRD rules must be followed at all cost—but especially: avoiding exposure to human society. *Due to the 1986 Exception: one human jammer is allowed (and required) per team.


EOW-sanctioned (and protected) leagues are playing in less-than-plain sight all over the world.

Here are our featured EOW leagues of the month. Seek out your local PRD league…if you can!

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What Is EVIL ON Wheels (eOW)???

For quite some time, PRD leagues were without a governing body, playing by their own rules and keeping to themselves—except when it came time to play against their opponents, which usually got a bit messy, often threatening to expose the supernatural community to humans.

By 1980, the time had come for a more official governing body to formalize and legitimize the sport, while also maintaining secrecy for the protection of its extra-human participants. (Also, something needed to discourage the skaters from trying to kill each other during game play.)

Thus, the EOW—an international Board of Directors, composed of one skater from each of the original 27 PRD leagues, plus three officials; one supernatural skater from each division—aka “Evil On Wheels”—was born, ushering in a more fair and trackable ranking system across PRD.

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The HUman PRD Experience: Read all abOut it HERE >>>

Skates on. Fangs out. Let’s roll. This perfectly paranormal graphic novel about a 13-year-old ice skater who embraces the dark side and finds her light when she joins a vampire roller derby team is to die for.

Ice-skater Mina is on a one-track path to Olympic gold and glory—that is, until she totally wipes out at her biggest competition, and is kinda-sorta-kidnapped by undead kids on roller skates. Sucked into the high stakes world of Paranormal Roller Derby, she finds herself “recruited” by a squad of vampires who need a human player to complete their team—just in time to save the league from losing it all.

Between learning to play derby well enough to kick butt on the track, crushing hard on the dreamy team captain, and navigating the spooky rules of the supernatural, how can Mina go from striving to be a ten alone, to becoming one of nine chaotic bodies forming a perfectly-imperfect team? Forget being the best. Will she be enough to help her new friends survive the season?

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